No More Lost Paperwork. No More Errors.

Financial Aid and Business Office Benefits

FA~Link eliminates the need to prepare and issue vouchers or stored-value cards, manually reconcile them with the bookstore, and finally create invoices on the student account. All these processes are automated by FA~Link so your staff is free to work on higher-value work.

  • Creates Student Invoices for bookstore purchases automatically – no manual
    processes needed
  • Works in real-time – the system can’t be tricked by multiple visits to the bookstore in one day
  • Bookstore Charges flow through Colleague AR codes to the G/L
  • Honors all Financial Aid rules, dates, and eligibility requirements programmed
    in Colleague
  • Includes Sponsorship Funds and other A/R monies, and associated restrictions
  • Works with Campus-owned stores or third-party operated stores
  • Restricts purchases by category
  • Works with the standard workflow for the Financial Aid and Business Offices

Enhance Your Student’s Experience

  • Facilitates Bookstore purchases before classes begin with Student ID
  • No need to go from place-to-place on campus to
    get vouchers or stored-value cards
  • Allows hassle-free usage of student aid or sponsor funds in the Bookstore
  • No need to wait for Financial Aid disbursement to buy books
  • No need to keep track of paper vouchers

"It is working wonderfully. We are getting very positive reviews from the students."

The arduous paper-based book voucher system, with multiple steps and chances for error, made the process of securing textbooks difficult for students and financial aid offices. The University's goal - streamline the process with an architecture that would meet their technical and security needs. For the Spring 2015 term. Johnson & Wales University implemented FA ~ Link for their 4 campuses. FIND OUT MORE

FA~Link Is A Real-Time, Two-Way Interface

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