The arduous paper-based book voucher system, with multiple steps and chances for error, made the process of securing textbooks difficult for students and financial aid offices. The University’s goal – streamline the process with an architecture that would meet their technical and security needs. For the Spring 2015 term, Johnson & Wales University implemented FA~Link for their 4 campuses.

It is working wonderfully. We are getting very positive reviews from the students – ‘this is so much better’, ‘this is very convenient’, etc. I have had a couple of students who still say they didn’t know they had any aid to use. I am seeing students tend to purchase more add on items because they are here and it’s very convenient.”

— Eric C Price, Follett Store Manager, Johnson & Wales University Charlotte Campus

If interested in FA~Link for your university, please email or phone us at 888.666.6056.

FA~Link Is A Real-Time, Two-Way Interface

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