PeopleSoft Integration: Our Latest Partnership

FA~Link’s proven solution for streamlining student purchases is now available for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. A real-time interface to your campus bookstore or web provider provides a better experience for students and a better, more accurate automated solution for your campus administrators. Ensure your students are set up for success by making sure that have access to course materials and books before classes start.

FA~Link is a real-time, two-way interface allowing students to use Financial Aid and third party funds set up in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions directly at the Bookstore or course material web seller. Charges are authorized in real time and an invoice is created on the student account so both systems are in balance at all times.

  • Cloud based (AWS) solution
  • Secure, compliant communications protocols
  • A seamless bi-directional real-time interface using API calls
  • Enjoy a paperless process that allows registered students to use authorized funds at your bookstore
  • Student accounts are updated immediately

FA~Link eliminates the need to prepare and issue batch files, vouchers or stored-value cards, manually reconcile them with the bookstore, and finally create invoices on the student account. All these processes are automated by FA~Link so your staff is free to work on higher-value work.

  • Creates Student Invoices for bookstore purchases automatically – no manual processes needed
  • Works in real-time – the system can’t be tricked by multiple visits to the bookstore in one day
  • Secure robust messaging system replaces file transfers
  • Works with the standard workflow for the Financial Aid and Business Offices
  • Includes Sponsorship Funds and other A/R funds, and associated restrictions
  • Honors all Financial Aid rules, dates, and eligibility requirements programmed in the campus SIS
  • Restricts purchases by category
  • Works with Campus-owned stores or third-party operated stores

FA~Link Is A Real-Time, Two-Way Interface

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